Throw Your Diamond In The Sky If You Feel The Vibe

Why is Jay-Z always holding the diamond sign in his concerts? Why does Drake’s clothing line have an owl? Symbols and numerology are fascinating to me. Everywhere we go we are exposed to numerology directly or indirectly. This great nation was created by freemasons who met at lodges and created the framework for these United States. All the founding fathers of these United States were freemasons. Paul Revere, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson also the great liberators of South America and Central America were freemasons for example Simon Bolivar, Jose Marti, even Benito Juarez one of the first Mexican Presidents were freemasons. Also, religious groups that were founded in the US such as the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the Mormons their founders were Freemasons.

Nicaraguan Coat of Arms

Nicaraguan Coat of Arms

San Salvador Coat of Arms

San Salvador Coat of Arms

When you analyze the US flag these are all Masonic symbols. America means the “star of the West” which has nothing to do with Amerigo Vespucci also every flag in all Central American countries are filled with Masonic symbols. Take for example the Nicaraguan and Salvadorian coat of arms both similar and filled with Freemason symbols.
What do these symbols mean? And what do they represent? From my readings I remember that a full circle 360 degrees represents God but also an equilateral triangle appears to have been adopted by a lot of nations of antiquity as a symbol of the Deity, in some of his forms or emanations, and hence, probably, the prevailing influence of this symbol was carried into the Jewish system, where the Yod within the triangle was made to represent the Tetragrammaton, or sacred name of God.

A triangle upside down combined with a triangle upright creates heaven and earth. There is a cosmic connection between us and God, “Zion” or heaven on earth or can also represent women and men in intercourse. In ancient Kemet or what is today Egypt, the Pharaohs knew about the power of triangles and they lined pyramids to constellations creating energy that connected our world to our ancestors in fact a lot of Freemasonry symbols and rituals came from Kemetic science. In fact every western religion on earth came from Kemet, Islam for example which is represented

Pyramids lined with the stars....Heaven and Earth.

Pyramids lined with the stars….Heaven and Earth.

by the crescent moon and star represents mother and son some may say the star represents Venus, but what nation on earth knew more of Astrology than the Egyptians. The Bible is numerology; the nation of ISRAEL is a combination of Isis, RA- A MUN-RA and EL which means God. Everything has a meaning on this earth and everything has been written if you are a truth seeker like myself open your third eye and get away from the hypnotizing shows on television and look for the meaning of WHY?


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