The Black Moors

There is so much history to explore about the contributions of Africa to the world. I am always fascinated about the Moors, the Songhai Empire and Timbuktu and their contribution to the world but I feel the more I read and research the more information is exposed; it is like an endless matryoshka doll. One day I read about the Mansa Musa next thing you know I am in Medina Saudi Arabia and West African explorations to America (star of the west). Just the other day I was reading about the nations around the Mississippi river who created pyramid by the river and I was taken to the Moorish American Nation established by the prophet Drew Ali.
This blog will be dedicated to the Moors. This Nation has always been always been a topic of controversy. The Spaniards claim they were not a force in their country claiming they were Arabs and not blacks even though the word Moor is synonym of black. Take this famous meal in Latin America for example “Arroz con Moros” this means rice and black beans in Cuba. This meal could have been created with pinto beans and been called “Arroz con Arabs” but is not because Arabs were not a force in Spain like the Moros.


The Moors in Spain were never given credit for the creation of the first Universities in the World in Spain and the contribution of mathematics and sciences.
From my readings the Moors were fierce fighters and excellent horse riders like the Mongols of the Genghis Khan era. The Moors were black Africans of Libyan, Moroccan, Nigerien, Nigerian and Senegalese origins. Some historians claim Moors were Tuareg’s which are a Berber tribe in Africa known for trading in trans-Sahara. They traded until the mid -20th Century until the Europeans brought their colonial infrastructure to Africa with their railways and roads but before that they were five principal trade routes which extend across the Sahara from the northern Mediterranean coast of Africa to the great cities on the southern edge of the Sahara.
Follow me on my next blog were I will continue my discussion about this great Nation of the Moors.


One thought on “The Black Moors

  1. This is so true and fascinating! The White Right has tried to downplay any advancement of any of the African Peoples of the entire continent, all except Egypt, which is a part of the African continent. They act as if the rest of the continent was backwards and retarded. There WERE some cultures that were more primitive, just as some of the peoples of South America. But there were many advanced cultures around the coastal areas all around the continent. I believe that mush needs to be written and explored.

    Like you, I get lost in articles and maps and history, I google words and places that I am unfamiliar with, and can spend days reading more and more.

    I stumbled across you blog and have clicked on your links and have enjoyed reading more, and learning more about that part of “Our World as a Whole” Culture.



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